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    Adam Fowler

    Senior Software Engineer

About Me

At work, I am a professional software engineer, Skilled in many different areas of IT, Including Programming and System Administration. At home, I am a tech hobbyist and freelancer, helping to innovate the tech community with cool and open-source code. I love to make software and websites that are stunning, and load in the blink of an eye. I employ KISS methodology, and also love to optimize code and data delivery.

Across Utah valley, I have worked for several Businesses and Individuals, and If you would like to learn more about my experience, Download my resume below.

I am currently not on the job market, but I will change my status when I am!

Work History

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My Experience

Node JS

Node Experience is a great tool for any developer to have. My Experience Includes Express.js MVC, Templating Engines, Electron / Node Webkit Desktop Application Development, and Google Chrome Extension Development.


PHP has the largest market share of any webdev programming language, and I am all about it! My PHP Experience includes use of Custom and Professional MVCs such as Laravel, And Wordpress, Static Programming, Namespaces, and OOP.


MySQL Is the go-to database engine for businesses. Not only do I understand core mysql features, but I also Understand Functions, Procedures, Events, Triggers, and Views; All important things for a data analyst to know.


It's important to make websites load lightning fast. I've been using gulp for years now, optimizing delivery of large Javascript and CSS Files, as well as compressing images.


Git is the way for programmers to store and revision their code. I have used git for continuous deployment, and know how to utilize branches and pull requests.

System Administration

As a Linux Power User, system administation is second nature to me. I take a strong stance on security, and have maintained several servers for years, running on Centos, Debian, and MacOSX.

My Portfolio


Contact Me

You can contact me with the information below: