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    Adam Fowler

    Senior Software Engineer

About Me

I am a Professional Software Engineer, Freelancer, and Tech Hobbyist in Utah Valley. My experience includes work for several large scale data-driven businesses. In my work, I use the highest standards to write code, and always keep security in mind. My skills include Several JavaScript and PHP Frameworks, many of them popular around Utah Valley.

I am currently on the job market for both local and remote positions. Download my resume to learn more about me.

I am currently not on the job market, but I will change my status when I am!

My Experience

Node JS

Node Experience is a great tool for any developer to have. My Experience Includes Express.js MVC, PUG, Electron, and Google Chrome Extension Development.

React / Angular / Vue

I am experienced with the most popular front-end frameworks, as well as state managment techniques.


MySQL Is the go-to database engine for businesses. I know how to make large relational databases, and use Functions, Procedures, Events, Triggers, and Views

Webpack / Gulp

In 2018, a speedy website is a must. I use web compression technologies such as webpack and gulp to make stunning, fast web experiences.


I have several years of experience with PHP, Including OOP and several different PHP MVC's


I have used git and svn for continuous deployment, and know how to utilize branches and pull requests.

My Portfolio


Contact Me

You can contact me with the information below: